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    5GF Night Serum

    5GF Night Serum

    Natural facial rejuvenation by leading edge dermatology

    A highly concentrated skin nourishing serum with 5 potent growth factors and polypeptides for the ultimate skin revitalization experience

    – Saponins help enhance skin’s resilience against inflammation

    – More potent than retinol in supporting collagen and elastin regeneration

    – Phyto mucin provides superior benefits incomparable to snail mucin

    – Ingredients rich in vitamin C help clarify dark spots and brighten dullness

    – Reinvigorate and revitalize tired skin

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    Cell Forte

    Traditional Korean herbal wisdom reincarnated into modern skincare.

    A holistic formula of high potency herbs including soothing great burnet extract, rejuvenating pomegranate and Korean ginseng ferment filtrates, moisturizing mushroom extracts, energizing Korean angelica and burdock root extracts, beautifying asiabell and peony floral extracts with 8 synergistic polypeptides create the ultimate revitalizing serum. Processed with advanced nanoliposomal technology, the active ingredients are ultrasonically extracted for potency, nanosized to an average size of 100 nanometers, and suspended in a liposome to maximize absorbability.

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    Egg Stem Cell Premium S

    Ampoule 7ml x 5ea & Serum 30ml x 1ea

    – 20 Day skin cell turnover rate balancing technology

    – Intensive care for fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes and around the lips

    – Helps support collagen regeneration to restore natural firmness and volume to facial contours for an ageless complexion

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    Blastoderm Pluripotent Cell Premium S Cream

    –  50ml cream/Dual brightening and anti-wrinkle care