Anti-aging + technology


In collaboration with doctors from hospitals and university research labs, Cellreon products are formulated, patented, and tested to ensure the highest quality and maximum results. Cellreon products are manufactured in Korea using leading edge technology and developed by our industrious team of researchers and scientists to advance beyond European skincare.


Cellreon uses ultrasonic wave technology to create bio-active anti-aging extracts from Korean medicinal herbs sprouted in mineral-rich deep ocean water. By adding powerful skin growth factors, EGF, VEGF, FGF, IGF, and KGF. Cellreon products support healthy skin renewal.


The latest innovation in skincare, Cellreon’s Egg Blastoderm Pluripotent Stem Cell collection, is patent-registered as the first and only product of its kind. Our team was the first to successfully create a pluripotent stem cell based skin care product compatible with human skin.


Start your journey of anti-aging with us and travel back in time today.