Egg Blastoderm Pluripotent Cell Cream



Egg Blastoderm Pluripotent Stem Cell Premium Cream

• 50ml 


Highly concentrated Bioactive Nutrition Cream for younger skin
The highly concentrated bioactive nutrition cream has moisturizing and protective functions to help return your skin to a younger state.


Our biotechnology sources pluripotent stem cells from blastoderms of fertilized eggs of Wild Red Jungle Fowl. The pluripotent stem cells are extracted in their undierentiated active states. Next, the pluripotent stem cells develop into our revolutionary anti-aging multipotent stem cell solution. The patent registered multipotent solution is proven to energize human stem cells for radically producing healthy new skin cells.


Egg blastoderm pluripotent stem cells are safe and work effectively with human stem cells. More importantly, pluripotent stem cells provide superior skin improvement results incomparable to adult stem cells.


The Egg Blastoderm Pluripotent Cell solution helps
– Restore your skin’s natural 28day turnover cycle
– Promote collagen growth to boost natural volume and tighten skin
– Reduce under eye ne lines and wrinkles