Introducing the Korean royal treatment in a luxurious cream. Youthful skin possesses both qualities of plumpness from deep moisture and resilience from retained moisture. The Energy Rejuvenation Cream helps your skin achieve both types of vital moisture as an all-day or all-night nourishing and firming cream mask.
Heaven-grade Korean ginseng rootenergizes your skin with unique adaptogens that support your skin’s immune response against stress while Korean black raspberry and fermented blackhoof mushroom provide powerful healing antioxidants to restore youthful radiance and resilience. Copper peptides and skin growth factor EGF support skin renewal and collagen growth to lift and tighten skin while mineral-rich deep ocean water, healing shea butter, and moisturizing squalane enrich your skin in dewy moisture to help fill wrinkles and protect sensitive skin against dehydration for hours.